Frequently Asked Questions:

Riding lessons ~ Training ~ Summer Camps


How do I get signed up? 

ITS SO EASY! All you have to do is click the blue "schedule appointment" button on the top of this page. That will bring you to our scheduling app where you will set up an Introductory Lesson! This gives us time in the schedule to help you find your horse and get you situated. Riders will stay in the Intro Lesson program until they can safely tack their horse on their own and be ready at their lesson time. Kids need to be 5 years old to ride. 

What do riders need for their first lesson?

Most importantly riders need a ASTM approved riding helmet that properly fits their noggin. We do not have helmets to borrow. Riders will also need long pants and smooth soled shoes or boots with a 1/2 inch heel. Zippers must be in the front or on the outside, no inside zippers please. Sneakers are not appropriate riding shoes. Meeting Street Tack in West Ashley is a great resource for riding gear!

Are lessons cancelled if it is raining?
No! One of the great things at Topsail is that we have a covered arena to ride in. We ride in all weather conditions.

What is Topsail’s cancellation policy?
Due to the scheduling of our horses, instructors and arena time, we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you have to cancel any lesson, you must cancel through the office at least 24 hours in advance or else we do have to charge you the cost of the lesson.

Will I ride the same horse each lesson?
While we will try to keep you on the same horse for a few lessons, the best way you can learn to ride is to ride different horses with different movements and personalities. We have 8 different school horses to try, ride and learn from.


Boarding is available on a limited basis to students actively participating in our lesson program. We do not offer boarding to the public. Board is $900 per month. Please contact us for an interview.